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Messagepar Efellia » 06 Jan 2014 18:00

Hello to you all !

After a loooong wait , here is the results of the Halloween contest !

We thanks all participants who amazed us with their beautiful designs, once again, it was very hard to rank while leaving aside some beautiful drawing ...
We had so much difficulties with the participants that there is a total of 15 first places !

We did two categories (digital and traditional) and 4 groups for each category.

Here are the rankings :


Group 1:
First place: Tsuzarao / Dju / Abyss
Second Place : Ninielle / Brysfine
Third place: Cyahnur

Group 2:
First place: Carn
Second Place : Cléclème / Naryenn
Third place: AmethystCâline

Group 3:
First place: Tasmira
Second Place : Flower of the Sun
Third place: Rowenaluna / Nazca

Group 4:
First place: Kianyu
Second Place : Strait Padifity
Third place: Lucinda97


Group 1:
First place: Bensergao / Cats / Paprika / Tigereyes
Second Place : Rocket
Third place: Malwene / Efellia

Traditional group 2 :
First place: Afoiwan / feuillelunaire
Second Place : louisazou
Third place: Zylia / Mainecoon99

Traditional Group 3 :
First Place: Lew / Vassilev
Second Place : Chaton8/Lolodel
Third place: Katlya

Group 4:
First place: Nelsie / Chanel
Second Place : Devilcats45 / Noan0102
Third place: Dawn

And here are the prices :
- The winners of each category wins each 50 Jewels and the creature of their choice from those previously released on the site (excluding shop unique, creatures of creatura ) . Thank you to the winners to please indicate the creature of their choice on this topic (no MP) .
- Participants that arrived in second place wins 25 Jewels !
- Participants that arrived in third place wins 10 Jewels !
- All participants earns a DestriPlushie Artist !

The lots will be added gradually tomorrow ;)

As she is part of the GothiArtistes , we did not officially classified Arcadiem thus , she won a Special Mention Team and a creature of her choice plus 50 Jewels ! : D

Congratulations to all and thank you for your many interests ! : D
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