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Messagepar Kaktus » 15 Fév 2014 23:16

Hello everyone !

- To help you in the GothicOlympics, with every cuddle, your creatures gain exceptionally 5 % of energy !
For more simplicity, we recommend you to put your Olympics creatures in a group and share the address of it in the forum so that the other players have a facilitated access to creatures to be carressed ! (You can post your links here ! :3)

- Potions boosters and bonus are now available in chests.
These potions have two utilities: put back the energy to 100% of your creatures and allow an additional exploration !
You can give as many potions as you wish to the same creature !!

To use a potion booster, go on the profile of your creature and click the rewards button !

- We have just opened the competitions of the intermediate level.

We kept for the moment the modalities of GothiOlympics of 2012; that to arrive at the intermediate level, a creature has to carry at least 100 bonuses (any confused bonuses) and have won at least 150 medals with, at least, 60 golden medals.

It is possible that the rhythm of intermediate competitions is slow at first, it is normal, it will be necessary to wait that other creatures arrive to be able to make leave the competitions. We shall modify at the need the number of participants to facilitate you the game.

Good game and good luck !
Armées de Méphilia (Automne 2013), Neige Royale (Avent 2014) et de Minoushas cactus (Janvier 2018) !!
Merci Endless' pour l'avatar ♥



Méphilia will rule over the world !
And Royal Snow will be the new Snow Queen !


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