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Messagepar Gabou » 23 Fév 2014 08:04

Hello everyone !

There is now 62 creatures that have reached the Expert level ! Congratulations to them !

To get to this level, your creature needs to have a sum of 2500 bonus points (counting all kind of bonuses) and have won 300 medals with 150 in Gold.

The quest is planned until February 27th, so you still have time.

We remind you that the Intermediate and Expert levels allow you to obtain the 2 Holly Paladins but they don't block you for the rest of the creatures or the accessories !

So, you can have all the GothiOlympics creatures and accessories (minus the Paladins) if you stay at the Beginner level.

I also remind you that it does not help to post bugs in this topic, only bugs posted in the dedicated parts of the forums will be taken into account.

Enjoy the final week of the game !
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