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Messagepar Evelyn » 01 Août 2018 22:19

I’d like the ability to cancel my auctions at any time. There should be a button next to the pet your bidding on that says “Cancel bid” next to it. After you’ve clicked it an automated pop up message will say “Are you sure you want to cancel your bid?” and you will select “Yes” or “No”. Depending on which button you will pick will determine the outcome of your bid, which is self-explanatory.

In addition to the ability to cancel a bid at anytime I’d like an option to decline a bid I won. If I declined to accept the auction I won my Jewls/Floryns would be refunded and the user who made the second highest bid would win the auction. If they also declined to accept the auction their Jewls/Floryns would be refunded too and the winner of the auction would continue to move down the line of highest bidders until somebody accepted the auction. If nobody accepted the auction they won then the pet wouldn’t be rewarded to anyone and it would be automatically removed from the auction house the same way expired auctions that haven’t been bid on do.
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